No one lives the same way for decades.
But when it comes to windows, once chosen, they usually stay the same.

M.W. is the abbreviation for MODULE WINDOW or MULTI-WINDOW.
Combinations can be changed freely to achieve all sorts of functions.

When family member dynamics change,
When you start a new hobby,
When you want to take a breather and refresh your mind.

Select combinations you like,
At any time you like.


Add accessories such as a camera and sensors, as well as functions.
The future is as infinite as your ideas.


  • "Theft Prevention Window"
    M.W. Module #04

    When a person inside the room is immobile for a long duration of time, the window judges the situation as sudden illness and displays "SOS" mark outside. When the window detects entrance by unregistered people, it will send out alerts.

  • "Growth Window"
    M.W. Module #05

    This window records the room temperature and humidity, as well as your body temperature, to learn and actualize the optimum environment for you.

  • "Drawers Window"
    M.W. Module #06

    This window stores elements such as light and sounds from outside and makes them available for use when you open it like drawers.

  • "Folding Window"
    M.W. Module #07

    This window is made of special glass that is foldable like origami paper. Create any shape you like.

  • "Lens Window"
    M.W. Module #08

    Just like viewing photos on a smartphone screen, pinch the window in and out to see the scenery outside.

  • "Scale Window"
    M.W. Module #09

    The window glass changes size along with the window frame to accommodate to your privacy preferences.

  • "Breathing Window"
    M.W. Module #10

    As if inhaling and exhaling, the window frame adjusts the amount of air inside the room. The visual impact is noteworthy as well.

  • "Cultivation Window"
    M.W. Module #11

    This window grows plants and vegetables between glass through soilless culture and automated watering.

  • "Drawing Window"
    M.W. Module #12

    This window allows you to draw on the scenery outside. The drawings can be saved via screenshots.

  • "Wiper"
    M.W. Module #B-01

    Makes automated window-cleaning possible.

  • "Camera"
    M.W. Module #B-02

    Maintains security.

  • "Health Sensor"
    M.W. Module #B-03

    Measures data such as body temperatures of people in the room.

  • "Transparent Solar Cell Glass"
    M.W. Module #B-04

    Uses sunlight stored with the window glass for electricity.

  • "Directional Microphone"
    M.W. Module #B-05

    Collects sound from specified directions to enable noise cancelation without insulating all sounds.

  • "Noise Canceller"
    M.W. Module #B-06

    Emits sounds of an opposite phase from outside sounds to create quietness.


Combining windows makes a variety of functions possible.

Connect People
Windows of the future enable conversations between friends.Connect your window with the window of a friend living far away and chat face-to-face.

Clean Windows
Windows of the future clean themselves.Through detection by the dusk sensor, windows clean automatically.

Control Sunlight
Windows of the future grow plants. By setting a timer, windows will detect time periods with the most sunlight, and adjust lighting to grow houseplants.

As you may have realized, “M.W.” is a concept model.
In other words: Fiction.
This is a possibility for “windows ten years in the future.”

YKK AP, the company that thinks about windows,
literally thinks about windows everyday.

To create comfortable living,
to make people healthy, to realize world peace. All with windows.
This might be a bit over-the-top, but it is our sincere hope.

YKK AP is making steps toward the innovation of windows.
Be sure to keep an eye out for updates.


Experiential Showroom

Shinagawa Intercity Hall, B1F
2-15-4 Konan Minato-ku, Tokyo

Access by Train

● Shinagawa Station (JR Line or Keikyu Line): 8 minutes on foot
*For Keikyu Line users, exit from the JR Passageway or Keikyu Line Takanawa ticket gates, and head towards the JR Takanawa exit.

Access by Car

● From Shinagawa Station: approximately 0.5 km from the ​Rakusuibashi intersection
● From Kyu-Kaigan-Dori: approximately 0.5 km from Rakusuibashi intersection
● From Tennousu: approximately 2.5 km from Shibaura Ramp exit.